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  • cfa_fit_plot, add covariances of items on plot? Problem is that is does not keep a vertical structure so does not look pretty when putting the default to TRUE. Perhaps there is a programmatic way in lavaanPlot to specify a vertical structure at all times.
  • nice_fit: automatically pick robust fit indices, if available(?)
  • nice_tidySEM:
    • Allow specifying BOTH standardized and unstandardized coefficients on the same figure, e.g., c("b", "B").
    • improve algorithm when odd number of variables for layout matrix by adding two empty rows around the odd levels, and one empty row in the middle of the even levels?
  • Add automatic covariances (specify levels, e.g.,: “level1 = IV”, “level2 = M”, “level3 = DV”)
  • Get community feedback