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lavaanExtra 0.2.1

  • Incoming ✨


  • Now skips tests and examples when DiagrammeRsvg is not installed

lavaanExtra 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-10-15

  • CRAN resubmission to fix unicode problem

lavaanExtra 0.1.9

  • New release + CRAN
  • New paper in JOSS! Citation updated accordingly.


  • ?lavaanExtra now works as expected.
  • write_lavaan(): accepts a new argument, threshold, represented by the “|” operator.
  • lavaan_ind() renames to lavaan_defined() because it was not specific to indirect effects but actually extracts any user-defined parameters such as total effects and moderated slopes using the := operator.
  • lavaan_reg() gets rid of the estimate argument, to comply with best practices of reporting both unstandardized and standardized parameters with their respective confidence intervals.
  • new function: lavaan_extract(), which takes a specific operator and extracts relevant information (now used internally for lavaan_reg(), lavaan_defined(), lavaan_cov())

lavaanExtra 0.1.8

CRAN release: 2023-08-25

  • CRAN resubmission
  • New function: nice_modindices, which outputs modification indices along item labels and a similarity score between the left-hand side and right-hand side items. Useful to assess item redundancy when considering modification indices.

lavaanExtra 0.1.7

CRAN release: 2023-06-25

lavaanExtra 0.1.6

CRAN release: 2023-05-24

  • CRAN resubmission: tests now run even without suggested dependencies.

lavaanExtra 0.1.5

  • CRAN resubmission


  • nice_tidySEM: new argument: reduce_items, to change the size of the nodes (boxes) of the items defining the latent variables (which often require less emphasis).


  • nice_tidySEM: now omit the leading zero when using standardized coefficients (for APA style).
  • nice_fit:
    • Update fit indices recommendations from Schreiber et al. (2006) to Schreiber (2017). Only benchmark that has changed is RMSEA, moving to < .05 [.00, .08] from < .06-.08 [.00, .10].
    • Make table shorter by combining the RMSEA column and its confidence interval and shortening the AIC and BIC interpretations.


  • lavaan_cov: renamed r column to covariance since in some cases standardized residual variances were not real correlations.
  • New function: lavaan_cor, which is the same as lavaan_cov but only for actual correlations
  • lavaan_reg, lavaan_ind, and lavaan_cov: new argument estimate which can be either “B” to obtain standardized estimates and corresponding p values and confidence interval, or “b” for unstandardized values.
  • nice_lavaanPlot: stars now appear not only for regression per default, but also for latent variables and covariances c("regress", "latent", "covs").


  • nice_tidySEM: corrected a bug whereas if the layout contained columns named c(“IV”, “M”, “DV”), it would remove any extra columns (such as items), explicitly ignoring part of the layout provided.
  • nice_lavaanPlot: now default to black path lines instead of gray.


  • In examples and internal tests, now check for package availability to satisfy CRAN requirements.
  • Remove vignettes from package, to satisfy CRAN package size requirements (they are still available on the website however).


  • nice_fit: better error message when not providing a lavaan object.
  • tmvnsim package now required for nice_tidySEM as it seems necessary to use tidySEM’s new version.


  • nice_tidySEM: New argument to hide covariances: hide_cov (defaults to FALSE).

lavaanExtra 0.1.4

CRAN release: 2023-02-04

  • CRAN resubmission


  • Breaking changes:
    • We remove the copied/reexported save_as_docx and the like in favour of explicitly calling flextable::save_as_docx. This way we are not creating namespace conflicts for these functions, we are consistent with the new approach in rempsyc, and it also gives credit to the flextable package, as this is the powerhouse that produces the tables under the hood.
    • nice_fit now requires a list of models (or a single model), so it will not accept models loosely provided in the function as different arguments. This is because we get rid of the dot-dot-dot ... argument in favour of supporting list objects.
  • nice_fit now has an added footnote reference to Schreiber et al. (2006) for fit indices references when using nice_table = TRUE.


  • nice_fit: gains a model.labels argument to customize the model names in the table.


  • lavaan_ind gains an argument, underscores_to_arrows, to replace underscores by arrows for the indirect effect column, so that indirect effects are more quickly visually interpretable.
  • nice_tidySEM: More meaningful error message when providing unmatching label names.
  • nice_fit look improved when using nice_table = TRUE

lavaanExtra 0.1.3

CRAN release: 2022-10-04

  • CRAN resubmission

lavaanExtra 0.1.2

  • rempsyc package dependency is now on CRAN, so we can rely on it normally now (yeah!).
  • Adding test coverage (100% so far!).
  • Preparing for CRAN.

lavaanExtra 0.1.1

  • nice_tidySEM: Gains the label_location and ... arguments.

lavaanExtra 0.1.0

  • nice_tidySEM: Corrected bug when not providing a structure/matrix layout.

lavaanExtra 0.0.9

  • Added new function: nice_tidySEM, for a quick and decent-looking tidySEM plot with sensical (but customizable) defaults.

lavaanExtra 0.0.8

  • write_lavaan: Exciting news! Automatic indirect effects now seemingly support any combination of IV, moderator, and DV!

lavaanExtra 0.0.7

  • write_lavaan: Automatic indirect effects now support another scenario: two mediators and three IVs!

lavaanExtra 0.0.6

  • Added new function: nice_lavaanPlot, for a quick and decent-looking lavaanPlot with sensical (but customizable) defaults.
  • write_lavaan: Automatic indirect effects now support another scenario: two mediators and two IVs!

lavaanExtra 0.0.5

  • write_lavaan: Fixed bug with automatic indirect effects when more than 1 mediator making forbidden paths (two mediators tested successfully)

lavaanExtra 0.0.4

  • cfa_fit_plot:
    • Adds ellipsis to pass any desired argument to lavaan::cfa, and thus removes the default missing = "fiml" which was causing a bug with estimator = DWLS.
    • Changes the default from saving to PDF to opening in RStudio Viewer, and adds an additional argument to save as PDF.
    • Now imports flextable::save_as_docx (and save_as_html, save_as_image, save_as_pptx…) to support saving the nice_fit tables to Word without having to explicitly load flextable or rempsyc.
    • Added package logo!

lavaanExtra 0.0.3

  • Added new function: cfa_fit_plot to simultaneously print, save, and plot the CFA results.

lavaanExtra 0.0.2

  • Added new arguments/symbols: constraint.equal (==), constraint.smaller (<), constraint.larger (>), custom (accepts a single, lavaan-like string)


  • Added automatic indirect effects


  • First package version